First time I use TBC to BTC Wallet Converter. Tried a few platform and this was by the easiest. They has inbuilt bitcoin and tbc wallet of which I use for my own personal bitcoin and TBC wallet.


Steven Rendon

loooove me some TBC to BTC Wallet Converter! honestly.. If you’re TBC owner and bitcoin User.. For ANY reason, there is NO reason, you SHOULDN’T be using THIS website! simple, straight to the point, hassle free, all my TBC to BTC conversion has always been successful, control over all your most basic internet currency needs, super convenient & most definitely safer than putting your person.



Easy to use, good functionality. Perfect supports, BTC and TBC merchant. 


Shane Alexander

absolutely in my opinion the one and only best TBC to BTC Exchanger website out there… very friendly, support is definitely given. i have not lost funds. I have converted more than 30 times of conversion and all was successful. They also have constant updates. Thanks TBC to BTC Wallet Converter for all your amazing work.


Rajesh Sapkal

I was finding problem on how to exchange my TBC to BTC but after i discover i transfer all my TBC and Kringles to TBC to BTC Wallet Converter, it only require 10 percent of my conversion as send button fee and everything seems to be lovely…… I love TBC to BTC Wallet Converter.,


Larry Ramsey

TBC to BTC Wallet Converter Is The Fastest and most reliable TBC exchanger with built in TBC and  BTC Wallet.



The fastest way to convert TBC to BTC working perfectly and most convenient with a lower send button transactions fees.



very good Exchanger and security wise..            Wallet Keeps your money safe..


Siegfried K

Most Respectable echanger for sure. Highly recommended.


PSY Aspin

This is a nice website, i love it but it has not served me fully because it only supports 1 converter merchant (BTC), it will be better if they add more converter merchant and that is my question, when are you gonna add support for other merchant like,TBC to Litecoin, TBC to BCH, TBC to Etherium etc???



Chester Ian

fast and easy. best experience. I have tried many only to find non working like TBC to BTC Wallet Converter. I’ve found the one for me. if they had a card I’d give 5stars plus 1a star.


Brad Hall

Great functions…good display UX


Paul Leverich

this has been the most secured exchanger website and promising…few of other exchanger I have come across are not real and working and this one remains and still working, I’m glad



the app is good but it bad to limit yearly conversion to $70,000


Jesse Truth

another way to save for the future and make transactions with TBC to BTC Wallet Converter. After I registered I has my own BTC and TBC Wallet.



I give 1 star. my account is not verify. pls verify my account.


David Walker

Really good, easy too use and securiry is reassuring.


Garydean Mackey

love the site works fast easy to use THANKS


Myo Zaw

i love it site,very good TBC to BTC Wallet Converter.


John J. Withington

after update site is great❤️


Justin T

is the best site I use for exchanger


Donnie Cooper

excellet site


shafiq shah

One of the most secure exchanger website.



great service thx again


Saeed Ghanavati

Perfect website – Nice….


samina zulfi

Nice to operate & confidential as well

nkereuwem Essien

I believe this is life changing opportunity. Thanks.

ritia nicholls

is this real?

Reply T2BWallet-converter is an official registered TBC to BTC converter platform.

Stephen Fetteh

I want to test and see

Umal Yohanna
Title: Tbcian
Review: How?

Title: Miss

Review: to request conversions. If you make mistake and keep

requesting conversion because it does not show up on your tracker?
You will have to pay the 10 percent conversion Everytime you have requested a conversion.
My conversion wasn\’t showing in my tracker, so I thought to try again and I tried 3 times
until my conversion did reflect in my t2b tracker. Support won\’t cancel requests I made even
though they were a mistake so now I have to pay 1500 USD to convert my TBC to BTC. So disappointing..
You would\’ve thought because I didn\’t have enough for my conversion button in my t2b wallet that
they would\’ve automatically declined my added conversion requests..So annoyed right now..

Leonardo D. Antonio Sr
Review: Interested

Title: mr
Review: how can i start can you guide me

Title: mr
Review: I want exchange Tbc to btc

Jose Melvin A Sayson
Title: TBC Exchange
Review: Want to casho my tbc

Review: Exchange TBC to BTC

Samuel Ben Passingan
Title: Mr
Review: Don\’t have a view at this

Title: TBC to BTC
Review: I want to convert some of
my TBC to BTC

Title: Wasiu 
Review: Hope the transaction fee
is bearable?

Title: Wasiu
At first it was not that easy to
understand how it works, But i
have fully understand it,
I just made my first
Thank you very much T2B team

Jasim uddin
Title: Md
Review: Tbc to btc

Review: If your converter will do
real convert TBC to BTC, It will
be very good for me but your fee
should be very low. I hope so.

Title: Pastor
Review: I am interested to join
this platform. As a TBC TRUSTED
SELLER, I will promote the service.

Abubakar hassan
Review: Tbc to btc

Abubakar hassan
Title: My kringles is 1,100,250
Review: Kringles is one million one
hundred thousand two hundred and fifty

Review: Hi, this is a great platform ,
i do take my hat of to the support team
who helps 24/7 and im situated in south
africa just wish i could get it done faster

John Adu
Title: TBC to BTC
Review: Want to change from tbc to btc

Title: Mr
Review: Want to join.

sairah khan
Title: great
Review: its good i give 3 star

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Title: mallam
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Title: mallam
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